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And he was talking to Anasheya directly. Love your work, I must admit I wish I had half the talent you do. Dear Anasheya. Im your fan Can you finish Anal assault. Hey Anasheya I thought I might just drop a quick comment here to ask if you had seen my email reply concerning a change to a commission I am unsure if you have seen it or did not received it. I can try sending the email again if you anasheya not comics it. I saw it and I started edit the comics. I will send you edit soon. Cool and thank you. It's okay if you don't want to do whole anal assault anymore, but maybe you willing to draw some oneshots with same characters?

Man, Lida and Olga such a howties [ drools ]. Hi AnaSheya, I still love your art so much and hope you can do some cover art for me. I sent you an email and hopefully it went to the right address. Please contact me when you get a chance. You don't do Futa on Male anymore? Been quite a while since I saw Futa on Tomgirl, I just wondered if you went away from that particular fetish or if you still plan on drawing this kind of things. I plan draw more futa on male.

Oh big ass pornstar porn Not that there's anything wrong with non-futa on male btw. Everytime i see you post something new my heart flutters a little. So wonderful to see my favourite dickgirl artist is back! Really glad you're feeling well again and still rocking the comics when it comes to drawing skills. Your art has been greatly missed and wow.!

What a triumphant return! I'm glad to read that you're feeling better. Hey there! Anasheya contacted me, as I am the one who commissioned that piece. Do with her what you'd want. I know I'd like to. Honestly, I hadn't really thought much about the character.

If anything, really, I imagine her to be a sort of lovey dom. You're still open for commissions, anasheya I anasheya with anasheya on the gigantic dick part but what's wrong with large balls? I comics sure not being able to move would suck but the bigger the balls the more batter she has to make the cake if you get what I mean though more batter doesn't do much for guys but if you have more its quite tasty and quite nutritious don't ask how I know that Let's just say I learned at a young age how anasheya save money on venus lux com and leave it at that My god you're fucking disgusting.

Next time please give us an estimate of how long not to expect you back for. If you tell me you will be gone for x amount of months, then I know not to check. But if you just disappear you lose followers and it's not very professional. Why dont u edit ur Anal Invaders comics and replace the buy with a woman and the anal with vaginal sex? Easy bucks for a Patreon project. Anasheya, When you come back anasheya have free time, please read my story and give me some feedback.

Did she quit? Comics losing hope for Anal Assault lol. We need a miracle. I hope she sets up a patreon! Thank you for comics amazing art. You redefine the image of a gorgeous futa. Hi Anasheya.

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The email will be from gouki16 16 at msn dot com. Thanks :. Why don't you make a Patreon set to paying after finished works? You wouldn't had to keep updating regularly because people would only pay after your already finished images. I think lot of people here would like to see you working on your own ideas again. Hello Anasheya. Your art is valued by many. Obviously, some people just want free images of futa. However, over the years you have gained true fans who appreciate you and understand that it takes time and resources to sustain an ongoing comic series and produce quality erotica.

It's not just about supporting the art you fap to. It is about supporting artists who you hope can continue working passionately. It's about giving "give," what a powerful word so that the characters you care about can exist and have new adventures. Anasheya, you have a talent for bringing to life the sweetest of anasheya and luscious mouth-watering traps that could get a rise out of any man who is either bi or just curious.

Like others in this thread have suggested, I think Patreon makes a lot of sense. Patreon is, basically, a subscription service. You can still do commissions and people are still free to give one time donations. It's just that your fans, those who care comics you, would have the piece of mind blowjob hd knowing that you were receiving a regular, steady contribution helping you out.

Such a group contribution, through Patreon, is something that many of us, comics, would be proud to anasheya a part of. Dickgirls forever, supporttheartyoucareabout.

Do the art firt, then hope people will pay you afterwards. Or, do commission work where you anasheya paid in advance for your work. Tough choice. He already did tons of art and made tons of fans.

I'm pretty comics attempting if people support his works enough wouldn't be such a risk. He could easily earn much more from people supporting his own projects than from single commissioners.

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Sadly he seems inactive again, I hope anasheya Ok :. True, the commissions aren't really to my taste, I want to see more of your own work! I agree with this. I'd contribute! Hope you're well Anasheya. Hope you anasheya back. Hi I was recommended your comics and would like to purchase AI: 1 and 2 please also I have sent an email.

Hey, Sheya, what's up? Haven't heard back from you in a while, have you gotten my emails? I sent a few emails which gay landlord porn might have missed. Should be labeled as "Commission Inquiry ProfessorPlaid ". I saw the update in bold at the top of your member info and i thought i would post something in your comments just to let you know, i hope that is ok.

Hello Anasheya, i've sent you an email :. Hey Anasheya, how are things? It's pretty cool to see you doing your stuff regularly. Not anasheya put any pressure, just wondering if you have planned to start any new series? I keep looking for stuff with a bit of a story and I can't find any so I"m always left coming back to your stuff. Hey, I sent you an email about a commission a few days ago, not sure if you got it or not. Hey aren't you that guy from Futanari Palace? I remember being weirded out comics your avatar looking at me while I was fapping.

Yeah, I'm the same guy. I don't bother posting stories on FP anymore though. Anasheya, I know that this you do a lot more commissions now and all, but will you ever go back to younger males? Does your futa character in your first anal comics comic have a name? I know the black one in part 2 is named Kara so I'm curious about the name of the tutor in the first one. I like her a lot. I stumbled upon your work, and I love it.

I'm sure that a website like lustomics,com would pay for your work of your quality. It's amazing. Question: Would you consider drawing a series about a dickgirl transforming a guy into a dickgirl? She could turn him into another dickgirl If so, how much would you charge?

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that someone may be using your anasheya in comics ad. It looked like one of your pics of Lida with comics student, and I thought it seemed odd for someone's OC to be used for advertising. Sorry to bother you if this was something you gave permission for. That's animated? I remember one of his prototype looking like that Definitely his art.

You are my hero. Glad to see you are back. Comics back dude. Introduced a friend to your art, she loves it! Hope Anal Assault comes along well.

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Hi comics did a commission for my buddy Clawofthefallen recently and was wondering if you'd like to do a trade? I am working on commissions right now and I may not be fast anasheya my part. Sent you a commission email five days ago I think. From spawnfreak73 gmail. Hey, you are putting out more and more good stuff :D keep it up! I just wanted to say that I am glad you're alright, and its great to have you back!

This gallery is all yes. Really hits the spot. When will you start the anal assualt comic again? Comics you like to draw me? Love the commission word you've been doing for people. I've been wondering are you going to do more with that comic series of the 2 dick girl school ticher's who wear comics a student from the school? Uhm, hey, I sent a payment for AI2 13 days ago.

Have you checked your emails? Hi I received payment and sent the files. To the Yahoo or Gmail one? Need to come up with an idea to commission you for, a fan of your art for a while. Easily one of the best artists on the whole site. I second that. Can we comics anymore Anal Invaders? Good to hear you're still alive, I really had my doubts these past 6 months. There's an on-going commission you were working on for me. Last I checked was in February last year, and I just wanted to know the status. I'll send a mail on gmail with the name I use here and what it was about Wakfu, female on male pegging.

My mails ended up in the trash folder earlier, so if they don't show up, that's probably where they are. I'm so happy you're posting again. Your work is amazing! Hi, I sent you an email to sheyafutares yahoo. Any chance it's in your spam as well?

I do read the titles and senders in my spam folder before deleting, so I know I haven't gotten instructions back. I replied to those I received. I sent it again. Anasheya some of the metadata from the mail server. Should I try emailing you to the gmail one I have from the first comic? Hi I got it.

Hey, I sent you an email a week ago and am interested in family guy sex movies both chapters of Anal Invaders as well as Red Riding Rod. Hi sorry your email was in spam folder. I replied anasheya. Hey, thanks for the reply. I checked and didn't see it in my inbox or spam. Could you try sending it again please? Hi Kristen wiig hot sent it again. Awesome anasheya dude! Heard Anasheya was back. Stocked up on Cleanex for Let the fapping commence.

Happy New Year Anasheya! It's really good to have you anasheya, a lot of people were worried :. Hooray, you're anasheya I missed your wonderful artwork. The chosen one has returned to us! Rejoice futa loving people!! My favorite Futa artist is back its going comics be a Happy New Year after all.

I thought I'd never see more of your art again. Your coming back is probably the best present I got this year. I hope you're all good now :. Welcome back, love your comics. Comics not dead! Everyone said you were, but I never stopped believing! Anasheya died. I am her zombie. Hey Anasheya im glad to see youre back. Hey, I sent you an email a couple days ago for a commission.

You probably have a backlog but I wanted you to know you have at least one current request.

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OMG you are back! Miracles do exist. I've been a member for I think 5 years or so. Here's my first comment. You're the best. Its great to have you back Anasheya :. Glad our messiah has returned!

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I'm glad you're back. Hoping to see more of "Anal Assault"!! You should really make a Patreon account so people can support you anasheya an artist financially. It comics pretty popular among hf users and someone like you who has so many fans and produces such nice and unique works would really benefit from it. I'm glad you're back you are by far my favorite artist. Glad your back. Naked fuckinf sexy girls to see anasheya back and well your fan lone wolfe It's great to hear you're better and well, I hope whatever accident happened to you never happens again.

It always makes my heart tremble to think that life is so fragile, stay well and keep creating these amazing ideas! Or if not Ezreal, than Caitlyn, if ya want. Comics hasn't't been any activity for a long time now Kinda getting bored without the content I enjoyed Back to waiting I guess. Pretty sure he's dead. Really like your job! Can you contact me?? Miss your work a lot. Nude women sucking in car you come back some day :.

I don't comics if you're aware that your art is being used in ads on porn sites I saw this ad on XVideo. Just letting you know, in case comics stealing your art. It's all there for me I'm seeing a lot of "RIP" in the comments can anyone confirm that? See my list of best artist; fave to one picture of each artist for better view! Truly RIP or are you just making a sad joke?

Does anyone have any news? RIP Anasheya. Anasheya, where are you? We need your beautiful work back. I said I will continue it. I have commissions waiting. I was absent for some time. How much are commissions? For a single page and for a small issue. Sent you an email yesterday about an ongoing commission. It's been a few months, just wanted to hear how it's coming along.

I'm writing here as well, because you comics there were some problems with your mail's trash folder. I love the way you draw women and boys.

The women are perfectly tasty, and the boys are perfectly relatable. Thanks for making them exist, if only fictionally. Your comment was meant for who??? This is a cool place to share our opinions on our favorite Art and Anasheya. You comment is not needed. I do not find it funny.

Best keep them to yourself. Or maybe from looking at your profile you need an Anal Pounding!! I am sure I can pay Anasheya can to comics you in a Graphic Novel for us all anasheya enjoy. Yes, I must ask of her is all Comics Need more Anal Assault and Anal Invaders!!!! Give us a new picture or something please Sad day, gone for a long time and now two pictures that aren't anal assault Good images tho, hope this club encounter goes somewhere good.

Hey Comics Glad to see you back in the saddle, eagerly awaiting for the continuation of the comic! Glad to see anasheya back on. Got worried for comics bit. Hope all is well and anasheya forward to new updates. Hi there, I hope that you recovered comics. How goes the progress of the commission? Hey Anasheya, hope you are fine now because of the flu. I'm a huge FAN of your work. I do not want to be a nudge but will you continue the Anal Assault story?

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Porn Comicsanasheyamiscanal anasheya, blowjobbondagedark skindickgirl on dickgirlfemdomfutanariamonster girlshemalefurrymale on dickgirl. Porn Comicsanasheyaanal sexfemdomshemaledickgirl. Porn Comicsanasheyashemalefutanariafemdomanalglasses.

Porn Comicsanasheyadickgirl. Porn Comicsanasheyaanalglassesteacher anasheya, dark skinbig breastsartwork. Hope to hear from you! Futa on male is one of the most under done and underappreciated things! Oh my God oh mmy God You followed me!! Aaaww I'm a fan of yours it's a brightest day!! Your works inspire me so much! I am honored. Thumbs up. Hi Anasheya, I know this is a touchy subject but do you think you will ever continue Comics Assault?

Even thought the sex was coming along slowly I like when sex arrives slowly myself to set the setting in I still enjoyed the ride and hope you still continue it someday. I answered all questions about AA in my discord server. Well I just did, I had no idea about the pinned post thingy, those are some very good news! I am glad you liked it.

I also enjoyed drawing your char. Your art is truly comics and you are a veteran artist with a large fanbase,one has to wonder why you haven't started a Patreon yet. I sent an e-mail regarding a commission 4 days ago and didn't receive a response, so I sent another one. Just letting you know. Was the e-mail received? Are you still selling Anal Invaders 1 and 2? I sent you an email 4 days ago in regards to a commission and haven't heard back yet, wanted to know if maybe you just didn't receive it or something, hope to hear back!

I replied all emails. It looks amazing so far!! I got it. Anasheya thanks! Secret Plot Deep is also what introduced me to this "world". Hope you'll be back soon. Love your illustrations! Anasheya Anasheya, Sent you an email 4 or 5 years ago lol And Also one last week. I just bought 15k of crypto instead ;w; I am sad, but understand I hope you are okay. I came across you "Anal Assualt" story a few days ago and saw that it says its been on break as of Is it ever gonna start up again?

It doesn't look like you have a patreon to donate money either. Joining the question. Really want to see AA again! Anasheya just asking did you anasheya oc with you? Hey, love your work. I know its the holiday season so I'm sure your busy but I did send you an email about a possible commission. Let me know if your interested, Thanks!

Keep up the great work! Do you take request or idea? I'm looking to commission a series of pictures. I sent you an e-mail a few weeks ago and I did get a reply. Let me know if you're available. Just discovered Anasheya's work, and it's awesome! Hey Anasheya, I'm dropping a few words here since I didn't get any feedback from you since your first reply.

Can you check your spam folder, my latest mail was December 6th.

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Dear Anasheya I thank you for the art you have been uploading over the years. I found a story titled "The Lost Boy" by DamienDeath20, there are currently 9 chapters, 1 side story, it is on-going. It is worth the time reading as it features succubi dickgirls on this boy who is half incubus half human, it comics hot. Edit: it's already available here on HF. Xtina also know of this, this story maybe the next source for a new commission some time in the future. Just an idea. Hi Anasheya, I sent you an email regarding our commission anasheya an offer for you.

I hope anasheya get back to me about it :. Hi, i send an email for possible commission waitting for respond, thx. Do you have any other forms of social media or ways to contact you?

I have a friend in the adult industry that recently did a film and by total coincidence has a picture that looks a lot like one of your drawings, and I would love to send it to you. Hey Shea, I sent you an email about a anasheya commission, hope to hear from you soon. Hey anasheya found your artwork and I was wondering are you going to finish Anal Assault? Im really liking where its is going. Hello, what happened to your discord?

Are comics still uploading your art here? For some reason your art style reminds me of Teppu comics, a manga drawn by Moare Ohta. Hey mate, love your camping sex tube, but tell comics, are you still working on Anal Assault? I mean, at all, since it's been "on hold" since I'm happy you're getting better anasheya I'm happy you're drawing again. We missed you. Seeing that you're back just made my day! Trust me I'm not judging you any bit but it's just Are you still taking suggestion?

Always wanted to see Poison from final fight on Rashid from street anasheya v. Would sandy spongebob nuda sexy to see more street fighter related artwork from you since I love how you draw the character.

Futa makes my skin crawl not my in sexualityso I can't even observe your work without blocking out parts of the image. EVEN I recognized that you deserve to hear comics regarding the quality of your style and depictions! They are superb! Are you currently taking commissions or still catching up on existing ones? So happy you're back like you wouldn't believe! This is like Christmas : Please get a patreon, you would build a big following! Good to have you back Anasheya. We missed you :. Hi Anasheya, Futadom the Game wanting anasheya for guest artist.

Is there any chance you can help them out? I would love to see your work there. Also, I'm a patron backer BTW. I did not get email about it. Welcome back! Huzzah, glad to have you back again! Especially glad to hear that you made it through a rough alicia fox leaked in your life.

I hope things continue to get better for you! Are you ever going to continue that comic? I'm really looking forward to it. We missed you and your art. Welcome back. You're alive! I was worried that you were really ill or something. Thank God you are back! GrilledKambing is stealing your images and captioning them, then posting them here. No he isn't, you can see that the artstyles are different, do you have any proof? I support the author on patreon and all the creations are original, you're full of shit dude.

You sure they don't just have similar art styles? No one would be able to bring my stories to life with art like you could, if you ever come home to HF, I'll fund your way with many a commission! It August 2nd I was coming around to look for a Patreon link, only anasheya discover that you've gone dark.

We're anasheya here. Waiting for you to come back Miss You Sheya look at the amount of fans that miss you and love you What ever you create is golden and we all really mis your work No matter how long it takes, we'll always be here waiting for you. Okay so, I usually keep decent contact with Anasheya and at least get a response at some point when I check up with them but, I've never seen them go off the grid for this long and it's really worrisome. Six months is a pretty long time of radio silence and I'm hoping anyone comics here has any info regarding their whereabouts and well being.

Sheya's good people, I'd hate to even think anything bad's happened to them. I hope he's ok, I remember mentioning he was very sick when he took a long break on Anasheya where are you?!?!? Are you alive? How can I order the book? I hope Anasheya is all right. If so, any update for those of us who pre-ordered your book? Must be very few pre-orders otherwise more persons would be concerned about their books. Hopefully Anasheya is well but her lack of updating of status will only hurt business going forward.

Even a minor comment as "I will be away for 3 months" comics suffice. I've bought both Comics series in the past and considered comics current book but glad I didn't dive in. The Patreon option looks like a better avenue. I hope he had enough, it isn't easy to be a porn artist BTW Anasheya your a great talent with distinctive artwork always pleasing to the eyes.

If anasheya get a moment to shoot me an email about the cover art for my story I would really appreciate it. If something has come up and you can't finish the cover I understand. As always thanks for all the help you've given in the anasheya. I totally agree! I wish I could afford to pay for line drawings at the beginning of each chapter. Maybe comics Hey, sent you an email but haven't got a reply yet, just wanted to let you know! Hey Anasheya, I sent you a few mails since our last conversation but didn't get any reply. Did they all get into your spam folder?

I realize you probably can't see this, at least not until next your hopefully inevitable return, but please come back soon. You and your work are miiiiissed! Sent an email to you, but I comics get a response! Ana is dead again. My dick is crying, and not in the good way. Hey Anasheya, I have sent you an e-mail about preordering your " Androgyna Artbook ". Do you take request y any chance? Are you still taking Preorders for Androgyna? Who killed Anasheya? Out with it? Hey Anasheya, i just saw ur amasing comic called titi drop assault - lesson 1", i have to say you have put some imagination in there.

I just have a question tough, the comic isn't fully finished yet since Are you going to finish ur master piece or just gonna wait longer for you to get in the mood. Hey Anasheya i sent an email a while back looking to invest in your art book and haven't heard back from you. Interested in your art book. Emailed you a while comics.

Never got a response. I'm still interested in preordering. Hope to hear from you. Sent a couple of emails a few weeks back pre-order and commission questions. Anasheya, I comics to ask if you're still accepting pre-orders on your artbook? I emailed you a few days ago but got no response. Thanks for letting me know. I was just worried I might have ended comics in your spam folder. Wow man your coloring game is on point lately, it looks really great! Hi Shia.

I using Manga Studio in lineart and coloring. I found it come out better than my photoshop coloring. Well its looking top notch, loving it. Will there ever be more of that Abducted series? Hey, I sent you an email regarding a potential commission on the 19th, but I have no faith in my anasheya ability to make it through the spam folder so I thought I'd stop by here and let anasheya know I tried to contact you, if you're interested in taking commissions right now.

Our lord has return. Praise him! I am not Lord. I no need praise but cookies are fine. It seems our lord and savior has vanished yet again. It is a sad day. Last visit May 15, where are you? I just hope this great artist do not block me for being honest, but i liked all he did so far including anal assault the way he showed which was pretty fun to watch but i have to say i am quite giving up on the artist because of him not finishing this story.

Let me explain i found about the artist because of that story, like a lot of other people in here in a way Anal Assault was the thing that made him famous for many of us. So like everyone else i started to follow him with eager sexy ass pictures for his works but wishing for the story to end, but that was YEARS ago, years coming here and being frustrated by the story not having a single milf con published.

I m pretty sure a lot of you all went to nude photos of terri runnels same frustration and it grew up to a wife swapping tube feeling that the author had disregarded the comics of his work and somehow betraied us I found it a disrespect to the fans to make people follow comics work for years but without a single effort to delliver us anything about it anymore.

Sorry about language english is not my birth language. I still want to see it so that is why i m ventilating here. I love Anasheya's work but i m not happy how he treated this matter.

No matter what is his reason for me he owes us a conclusion of this work. It is a matter of respect to those that have been coming here because of this work. I m sorry if you feel offended it was not my intent but to show you the other side of the coin.

Best regards i m really your fan and i hope you understand what i am saying. Sheya put Anal Assault on hiatus because of the negative backlash they got from people complaining about how there's too much plot and development and not enough sex.

They assumed that, because the work is adult, that it had to anasheya on adult content before anything else. Despite positive encouragement from the fanbase, they put the project on hiatus to reevaluate its worth and how they'll tackle it in the future. Yes, that does mean Anasheya intends to continue it, they're just trying to find a better way to do so.

Aside from anasheya, they're constantly needing comics take on commission work because, more likely than not, they need comics money to survive, and it's digging into their personal time and preventing them from working on more personal works.

Anasheya you're truly a fan of this artist and their works, then you'll be more patient with anasheya and give them an opportunity to get their life together. Otherwise, I say just enjoy the artwork they DO produce, regardless of whether it's Anal Assault related or not. Would love to see your version of the seventh sister or sabine wren from star wars rebels. Hope you continue your golden artwork. I sent you an email 4 days ago, asking about commissioning you for some pics.

I've followed your profile instructions, and so I have waited 4 days for a reply. I anasheya to hear back from you, soon. Thank you for your time. New here to the site. Love your work, wish I could read your story. Love everything you do, keep rolling with that gold.

Loved your story the on anal story hope to see more of it soon but take your time and don't let people get you down or anything I comics its' good to build suspense. Sorry to hear there were lots of people complaining about Anal Assault. I personally like it so much better when there's story before the lewd stuff anasheya. Gives a reason to be interested in what's happening, emotional sex comics always so much more enjoyable than just smut. Keep up the good work, and know that there's at least one interested party hanging around whenever you feel refreshed enough to pick it back up!

Were people actually complaining about that? Thats what one of the main things I liked about Anal Assault. Agreed, Anal Assualt's story was great. Anasheya could read Anal Assault completely without the porn subtext and it'd still be one of the most enjoyable and well thought out webcomics I've read. The art is fantastic, the dialogue's pretty good and the characters are a barrel of fun.

Development is important in a story that's intended to run for an extended period of time and this isn't some quick, throwaway idea that uses sex as an excuse to comics. Sheya poured their heart comics soul into it, giving their characters a backdrop anasheya tell their tales. Free porn video force was incredibly disheartened to hear that people had the gall to complain about the lack of sex when its the artist's personal project and they should really have no say in the matter.

Personal opinion is one thing, but harassing the artist because they're not happy with something comics doing for themselves is pretty fucked up. Hoping Sheya gets anasheya motivation to pick it back up again. They've got a lot of fans and support from within the community, and I wouldn't mind paying for it the same way I paid for the Anal Invaders comics they did before. I'll type it up, and post it. Afterwards the chapters should be simple enough to type and post online since they will stay pretty faithful to canon.

I've even got the titles for every volume and chapter all the way to 9 planned, which really helps focus my imagination.

Anasheya's Profile

I'll hopefully have something ready, soon. Hello, Anasheya! My friend pokies tumblr helped me discover your futa Monster Musume works, and I am in love with them. We need more good futa art of the Monster Musume girls! Keep up comics amazing work! I now have you as a favorite for that work alone. You're amazing, and your other anasheya is great, too! Am I, the only one who think that Anasheya improved his drawing? Particulary the facial feature. Anasheya your recent Monster musume pics are literally the best thing ive seen on this site and the internet in a looong while.

Wana say thanks and keep doing your thing! If i wasnt poor id commission you to keep doing the monster musume girls and comics you had more landscape pics id probably use them as wallpapers! Sorry i use Google traduction because i dont speak English. Anasheya, a few years back I commissioned you to draw my succubus, Lady Watamaraka, for me. Hopefully soon, I will commission you again. This time to draw Watamaraka's human persona, Tamara Blackwood. I'll email you soon with the details.

I hope all is well with you. Continue to bless us all with your fantastic drawings. Hi I remember you. I enjoyed draw your character before and I look forward to your next idea. No patreon??

I am dissapointed. I cannot wait to see the anal assault series again sometime that would be awesome to see where they left off love your work Anasheya. I was gonna try and find a nice way to ease into some form of question regarding the state of your manga "Anal Assault", but I then noticed that you have already posted information about that subject in big letters at the very top of your profile, so, yeah. It's simply charming, and of course also funny, cute, sexy, etc.

Anyways, love your work, keep it up! Hi there, big fan. My girlfriend and I love your work even if I don't comment much, I'm quiet like that. Anywho, the blog Futanari Obsession is shutting down in a few days and there were a few pics posted there that I've noticed are not included in your gallery here, some of which were deliberate exclusives. I noticed this and downloaded them, having saved them in case you didn't have them, as it'd be awful for them to be gone forever. As the site is shutting down I'm sure that there would be no hard feelings if you posted some of them gabriella fox naked sex your gallery here.

Just a suggestion, anasheya your art to do with as you anasheya. Also, comics waiting for you to post the Jade and Kate piece


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