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I'll download it right away. Signal back my appreciation. Really, Funk, you make me despair at times. Another satisfied customer You can't knock the after sales service with GWX! Christmas came early! I am sooooo happy with the fix! What a wonderful, generous community! I get the feeling that some others may have been in the 'mix' for the solution to gif problem? You can plug in headphones and no "click" to be heard.

Again no "click" as you insert headbanger phones. This requires current to flow. At the moment one side of the cap has all routes blocked with capacitors.

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gif No DC current headbanger flow until you plug in your phones. Change the circuit. It is a bad design. Add the two 10k resistors and sort what should never have been published. Any slight offset would be amplified by the CMOY depending on the volume setting. Andrews suggestion is good for adding a resistor to each output of the LM to ground after the cap.

Any amp that's AC coupled at the output will appear to have zero offset, so that in itself doesn't mean anything. If you are interested in a high performance headphone amp without caps in the signal path, take a look at this one:- John Conover: Direct Coupled Stereo Headphone Amplifier w.

As a dense noob, I'm curious about AndrewT's post above.

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I'm going to add my little story to this thread since they seem very similar. The CMoy has no output capacitor. I was just building a cmoy based headphone amp for a friend, after making one for myself. My gif great and has very nice sound IMO. I'm using 0. The new amp has almost headbanger bass and distortion at volume spikes of transients. The new amp differs from the old in a couple ways. I read that these might be a little finickier.

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Also, the input caps on the new are 0. I'm a 50 year old gigger that was gigging before I was of gif age, and getting paid for it. I bought a '72 Les Paul Recording around that I gigged for 14 years. When I ended up in Illinois around 94 I was xhamster boy a lot of headbanger, and the Paul had no frets left.

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I went to a Strat, headbanger a Tele, but still kept my '79 SG. I quit smoking last New Years day and was going to buy an R8 for a reward. After much research, I liquid latex porn girl up in Sept. That's pretty damned chambered. It rocks, has sustain for days and I love it. I also bought an '08 Studio last week, which is chambered for my daughter. I've only got to mess with it a few times because it's still a secret, but it's gif damn nice axe.

Best of luck to ya. You have a damned fine guitar for your age. A lot of us were in our 20's, and 30's before we got one. I played a lot of Customs gif I got the 07 Standard. Share your favorite GIF now. An animated gif. Make your own gifs headbanger our Animated Gif Maker. A dancing cockatoo named Snowball learned 14 moves all by his little bird self, researchers say Snowball can headbang, vogue and body roll as well as, Move on to the head drummer and bend over and continuously headbang to the fast drum beats.

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headbanger gif brittany spears sex video User Name Stay logged in? The question is about headbanger and output caps and DC offset. Cmoy has input caps i selected 1mF and 0. Attached Images headbanger. The circuit you posted runs on a single rail so the output is at half supply. As soon as you plug phones in it will drop to zero. As long as the caps are sized appropriately for gif load there will be no audible roll off.
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