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Good evening! I've finally finished school! Also, welcome to our new fans! This is a english based fanpage of Summer camp island. The community can share thoughtsdrawings etc here!

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I want to do a reminder This page is an actual FANpage of Summer camp island. There is not an official Facebook page for Summer camp island summer the moment. Also, it's an english page Happy October 2nd! Are you participating to Inktober? What's your plan for today babies? You know it's rule a Spanish fanpage right? Mucho gracias? Just to let you know, I only speak English and French so.

Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of Summer Camp Island on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. AP Ingeniero. Summer Camp Island created a poll. Did you started to watch season 2 yet? And no, I don't know where to watch them.

Susie McAllister 25? Oscar Teen girl fingers best friends pussy 24? Max 19? Avian Fuckery 11? Polygon5 8? Pepper 4? Alice Fiferman 3? SageMerric 3? Report an ad? Name Password Create Account. She and Oscar visit him and try to help him get in contact with his mother to tell her about how many clouds he has camp.

When she begins demeaning him, Skadi becomes sad and creates a "momsoon" that begins flooding the island. Susie and Betsy discover that Alice is sick. The last time she caught an illness resulted in a terrible disaster that coated the island. Susie and Betsy are incapable of working closely together, so island put a spell on Oscar and Hedgehog to help them out. However, in their carelessness, Oscar and Hedgehog begin picking up on the witches' habits.

Susie creates a scavenger hunt for the campers to find her lost earrings.

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When pairing teams, Oscar gets set up with Lucy and Hedgehog gets set up with Max. With Oscar inconsolable, Lucy decides to train him into being more independent island Hedgehog while Max decides to take Hedgehog to a hidden part of the island she has never visited before.

Tonights girlfriend clips Alice's dress-up party the campers are magically turned into their costumes. Unfortunately, this means that the witches are no longer witches and cannot use magic. However, Hedgehog can while Oscar is her mop.

She begins abusing her abilities, but free newzealand sex pics realizes that being a witch means having responsibilities to uphold on the island. Thomas Herpich and Graham Falk. While celebrating Pajamas' birthday, she begins to worry camp Oscar growing up without her.

Hedgehog creates a spell that will allow Pajamas to grow with Oscar, rule it instead causes Oscar to shrink back to a younger age. They visit a frog that can help Oscar return to his proper age, but Pajamas is unwilling to let her best friend go.

Hedgehog leads Oscar to the Soundhouse, a tall building by the sea run by Barb the elf. Barb reveals that due to a series of circumstances, the Soundhouse will be summer of protecting the island from the spotted bears. She has Hedgehog help repair parts of the dirty machine while Oscar tries to take care of a pterodactyl egg that is ready to hatch.

Oscar enters his painting a simple picture of a dog sniffing a flower in a green field into the local art gallery.

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The moon brings everyone's paintings to life which allows people to enter their worlds. Due to Oscar's "cute" painting, everyone seems to ignore it, resulting in him setting cfnm pantsed to make himself into a great artist. It is Susie Appreciation Day in which Susie leaves on vacation. While Oscar and Hedgehog are fooling around, they accidentally end up in Susie's house and discover that she has a "staycation".

They have to avoid getting caught, but discover that Susie has issues with Oscar and Hedgehog and learn more about her strained friendship with Ramona. Hedgehog has a crush on Max summer she writes in her diary. The monster under the bed steals it, forcing her and Oscar to go under the bed and into the monster's rule.

They learn that it is a whole society dedicated to Hedgehog's personal life horrifying her. Now camp must get her diary back while also trying island protect Oscar from her secrets.

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Oscar and Hedgehog are invited to a ritual by Ramona and the Monsters. The ritual is to feed a very special soup to Time as before time used to be random, but by giving him soup, time is straightforward.

However, the ritual gets ruined by the fact that Oscar forgot to bring salt to the table and gets sleepy as the ritual is far past midnight.


rule 34 summer camp island mercedes maxwell nude The following is a list of episodes from the series Summer Camp Island. The main Summer Camp Island characters, Oscar, Hedgehog and Max, make their first appearances as incarnations in two of Julia Pott's independent shorts: the first is her multi-awarded student film from Royal College of Art called Bellywhile the second is her Sundance Film Festival -nominated short The Event. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 29 June Retrieved 28 May Retrieved Retrieved 10 July
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